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Patrick Sullivan


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The Larrison Tree is the rallying point for field trips and workshops. If you read about a trip that interests you, we encourage you to go along. Everyone is welcome. If you prefer to explore on your own or just stay in camp, feel free to do so.

Field trips are scheduled for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Each morning starts with an early (5:00 a.m.) walk around the campground.  Additional trips depart from the Larrison Tree at more reasonable morning times.  Some trips are hikes starting in the campground to places such as Dry Creek, Hog Ranch, and Wenas Creek.  Others involve driving to other sites in the Wenas area, such as Hardy Canyon, Manastash Ridge, Black Canyon, Wenas Lake, and Bald Mountain. Some trips last all day, others return by early afternoon.  There are some afternoon trips as well.

Trip information, bird checklist, sign-in sheet, etc., are a the Larrison Tree.  Field trips meet there too.

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